Work hard and be nice to people.

At HB1 Langkawi you'll find a group of people, who are united by a real sense of togetherness. When we work with you, we堡 focused and passionate team, striving to create marketing communications that excite, stimulate and influence. But, as important as working hard we also (and this will sound corny) try to be nice to people along the way.

We create and manage brands through research, we get to the heart of your organisation, to identify a brand positioning and in turn, produce creative work which delivers results.

We build effective integrated campaigns. To fully engage and persuade your audience, we will plan your campaign across the appropriate media to ensure you reach the right people at the right time, in the right way, with the right cheap hermes handbags message, no messing about.

We design, build, write and manage websites. We believe that a website stands or falls based on its content. We understand that the day a site launches isnനe end of the process, but the start of its life. We design, build and write websites for your audience and ensure a sustainable plan is in place for us and/or you to manage the site from day one.

We market online and deliver traffic to websites. Sounds crazy now, but it was often said about websites that 根ou build it, they will comeίt so now. That෨y we offer a full range of online marketing services.

 Robin Fowler » Managing Director » Designer.

Robin is keen on building solid business relationships and has worked closely with clients since he founded HB1 Langkawi. Having studied design and typography, published magazines and worked in various Art Director roles both nationally and internationally, he brings a true love of design to everything he does.
He is passionate about all aspects of the work HB1 Langkawi produce, and has therefore built a team of exceedingly talented designers, developers, writers and creative’s. If you'd like to talk to him about what we can do for you, please contact us.

 Ann Haddow » Sales and Markering.

Ann has been a member of HB1 Langkawi from the company conception and brings several years of design development to her role as Sales and Marketing Director. Ann keeps us up to date with new and excising projects, makes sure we meet our deadlines, and brings a happy smile to our studio.
Ann is also a keen wordsmith known for taking the Proverbial: Keeping us on our toes.

 Christopher Creswick » Senior Developer » SEO Specialist.

Chris joined us in March 2011. As our lead developer, Chris’s passion is online, and in building a beautiful web - drawing inspiration from both offline and online media. Chris's focus is on ensuring that we constantly exceed expectations, building innovative yet highly functional interfaces for our clients. Also specializing in SEO, Chris ensures that all our websites are fully optimized and that their brand is projected accross the web.

 Iris Schollar » Photography » Sales.

Iris is a keen designer and photographer with HB1. She has developed an in-depth understanding of branding, with a keen eye for consistency and detail. If not working in the studio, Iris is likely to be found dealing directly with clients or art directing a photo shoot, probably her favourite part of the job.

 Richard Pickles » Illustration » Video

Richard joined our creative team in 2010 after spending nearly 10 years in some of London’s leading integrated agencies. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and has a real passion for everything creative especially Illustration design and motion graphics.

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